Mission Statement

To reach out and support as many children, young people, families, and lives as we can.  We aim to ensure help is given to those in need.

We believe that the gift of giving, no matter how big or small, can leave a print of hope for a lifetime.

This is not someone else's responsibility, issue or problem, it is our responsibility to give a little of whatever we have to make a difference.

Mumbai 2017 Open your Arm's NGO-: Girls group on positive body image,

self-acceptance, and mental health.

What we do...

2RaysHope supports NGOs in India to educate children with not just basic skills but life skills as well. They are given the knowledge to set goals and aims no matter what their circumstances are. These children are often from underprivileged backgrounds,

terminally ill, live in orphanages or slum areas. We'll always support the belief that no matter the circumstances they are special people. 2RaysHope cares and wants to support them to have the best life they can. 

2RaysHope has supported many NGO's in India. Click the button below to find out more information.

About Ash

Ash Tooray's love affair with India started as a child when she would go on a family holiday to meet family and friends. The culture and rich heritage of such a beautiful country always had a special place in her heart. However, as she got older the poverty and children on the streets gave her great concern and countless sleepless nights and she knew she had to do something to try and make a change.

Ash is currently a Senior Practioner for the Youth Offending Team. She completed her  A-Levels in Psychology, Sociology and Communication Studies and then went on to University, studying Criminology with elements of Criminal Law. Ash always knew she wanted a career that consisted of helping and supporting others. The psychology of the human mind and the way people behaved fascinated her. Being a Sikh, the art of giving is a personal value instilled throughout her upbring, it is something that was always so important to her family.  2RaysHope is a form of 'Sewa' to serve humanity and always remember everyone is equal in the eyes of God and the Universe.

Lucknow 2018-: MOST NGO gift packs made with UK donations consisting of sweets, stationery and a toy distributed to a  100 children. 

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