What can you do to help?

  • 2019 - 2RaysHope will be working to expand their work with new NGOs in Punjab, Delhi, and Mumbai. Happy Feet Hospice has an ongoing partnership with 2RaysHope which ensures continuous support between the two organizations. We aim to reach out to even more children and the theme for 2019 will be children/women's empowerment and educating families about dowry. 

  • So, how can you help? You can become a one-off, monthly or yearly donor to help support projects all year round and save lives

  • You can support 2RaysHope to become a registered government charity by helping us to raise £5,000 a year in order to reach the threshold for charity status in the UK.  It will be a significant to achieve this milestone of registration. 

  • If you are a business and have considered donating to a charitable cause as part of giving back to the community, please get in touch via the contact links below.

  • 2RaysHope can also deliver workshops in the UK (see page)

   2RaysHope is also looking for support in the following areas:

  • Advertising eg. social media, links on business pages, radio, TV interviews and anyway you can spread the word of our cause. 
  • Follow our social media pages (click links below).
  • Monthly donations and 2RaysHope will add your business to social media campaigns.**
  • 2RaysHope is in need of printer firms to contribute to the printing of cards and leaflets.  Please get in touch if this is something you can aid us with.

**2RaysHope also respects confidentiality, so should you want to remain anonymous we can honor that too!

Where do your donations go?

  • 2RaysHope supports registered NGOs in India and does not use any funds for personal expenses e.g. flights, accommodation. The materials used are developed by Ash and are bespoke to the NGO's needs. Therefore, 100% of donations go to the NGOs and now there is an option to donate to a child's education or health care directly for the month or year.

  • If you donate to a child's education/ healthcare you will be sent updates, progress, photographs and be able to can keep in contact with the child and family through 2RaysHopes.

We Need You!

In order, for us to grow worldwide, we need a regular flow of funds and donations.  

You can help us to reach out and support many children and to ensure help is given to those in need.

 We strongly believe that any change no matter how big or small can leave a mark for a lifetime!

This is not someone else's responsibility, someone else’s issues, someone else’s problem. It is our responsibility to give a bit of whatever we have to make a difference!



Contact number:

+44 7932 454555


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