2RaysHope: The Journey So far...


  • June - The universe guided Ash to Kranti an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisations), that supports girls' empowerment and she knew immediately that she had to go and volunteer in India.

  • July- Met Kranti founder and some of the girls in the UK- Delivered a session on self-love, body image, the laws regarding prostitution,  child sexual exploitation (CSE) and a motivational session on achieving goals.

  • October- First started fundraising, the total raised was £1,106 in a short space of time.

  • November- Visited Mumbai and delivered sessions at Kranti, Government schools, girls NGO's, a high-risk boys prison, hospice and volunteered at Tata Memorial Hospital delivering arts and craft sessions. The donations received were split between Kranti, Happy Feet Home(HFH) Hospice and MOST (Malti Devi Welfare Society).



  • January- Built capacity with all charities by developing their marketing strategies through consultation and assisted  MOST with their socail media updates . Planning for the next trip in November 2018.

  • Another donations drive collected: £1,505.  Whilst every donation is needed it was clear her the passion to meet the needs of these NGO's would go on regardless irrespective.

  • November - Sessions were delivered at Happy Feet Home (HFH) and MOST,  gift donations distributed, joint work with a new NGO- Krishna Patels Dance Academy, food donation outside a government hospital for families from slum areas and a Christmas party at HFH for terminally ill children.

HFH 2018: Boys session on goal setting and puberty. 

NGO's that 2RaysHope is supporting

Happy Feet Home is India's first children's hospice. They offer Palliative Care to sick children with life-threatening illnesses.  2RaysHope has contributed in providing medication for children that have been diagnosed with HIV, AIDS, Cancer and Thalassemia.

Some children are orphans or living in slum areas and therefore are unable to afford treatment.

MOST (Malti, Organisation for Special Talent) has been running for the last 5 years. MOST's aims and goals are to educate and create the next generation of professional and hard-working, honest members of society. There are over 100 students that attend MOST who are from underprivileged, poor backgrounds and cannot afford an education.  Donations from 2RaysHope were able support with improving building facilities by laying flooring and a wall, funded an Independence Day donation drive and raised money for a child, Kavya who had Osteopetrosis. Her condition meant her bone develpment was abnormal, which impacted her ability to walk, talk or eat in addition increase suceptibility to other illnesses.

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Kranti empowers young girls from the red light district in Mumbai. Kranti at that time of meeting were at risk of being removed from their premises due to low funds, 2RaysHope donations helped towards supporting their daily running costs.The girls were also supported with 1-2-1 English and Maths skills, interview techniques and motivational coaching sessions. 

 2RaysHope set up a donation drive in London to collect clothing and basic hygiene items to distributed to the girls.

Krishna's Choreography is not only a dance academy but it delivers dance workshops to children from slum areas and terminally ill children. Krishna also volunteers his time to local cancer hospitals to support families dealing with the trauma of their child's illness. This is done through dance therapy and creating shows that are performed in the hospital to uplift the spirit of the children and parents. 

We are proud to say 2RaysHope has helped many NGO's in India and with your donations will support many more projects!

2RaysHope has been working in partnership with many projects and has managed to raise funds to support young children to achieve their dreams and continually make a safe study environment.  

2RaysHope has supported NGO's in India with the following -

  •  Financial supported Kranti with daily utility bills.

  •  Over the past two years, financial support was  provided to Happy Feet Home.  The donation was used to  deliver Christmas parties, individual gifts for the children, and needed medication.

  • Provided and distributed 150 food parcels to families of children,  who would sometimes have to wait for days to be seen by a doctor at the local cancer hospital. 

  • Taken part in Clay play sessions with children that are suffering from cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital.

  • Provided the finaces to refurbish the outer flooring area where the children study and erected a wall which enhanced the learning environment that MOST were using for their sessions.

  • Funded the MOST 2018 Independence Day donation drive to get more organizations involved with fundraising for MOST. Sucessfully recived donations from Decathlon.

  • Funds were raised alongside donors from India for a child, Kavya in her final days of life.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t save her and she passed away shortly after we raised approximately £2,000. The money was used for her funeral and to support others who are effected by a similar disease. 

  • In Kavyas memory,  two computers were  bought from the funds.  Children use these equipments to tell her story and learn the importance of appreciating life.

  • MOST have an on-going campaign for  book donations 2RaysHope assisted in resourcing the proposed library. To boost support for the campaign 2RaysHope used their contacts to attract celebrity endorsement. Superstars  Nindy Kaur (singer and entrepreneur), Manj Music (World-renowned Music producer, Singer, and Entertainer) along with their talented son Anoop donated books to MOST to add to their growing library.

  • A projector has been purchased from the 2018  funds raised,  which has enhanced the learning at MOST.

  • Since 2017 - June 2019 for two years , whilst in the UK, 2RaysHope has single handedly boosted the profile of the MOST organisation internationally.

  • A healthy eating session took place at Happy Feet Home.

  • In  April 2019 2RaysHope funded Krishna's Dance Academy to support children from slum areas to learn dance and perform a dance show in the local community.

2RaysHope is currently working with many more NGOs in India by delivering bespoke workshops. 

Workshops have covered the following:

  • Working with girls, young women to empower them to protect themselves  in a wide range of topics such as forced marriages, equality, puberty, self-worth, goal setting, life coaching, and positive body image. 

  • Educating boys from the age of 10-25 on how to respect girls/women as this is often missed out in mainstream education.

  • Provided a safe space for young people recover from sexual abuse as well as addressing the underlining primary mental health issues. 

  • Enaged in Prison work, I coach juvenole young offenders that have been abused either as the victim or perpetrator of the crime by using a trauma-based approach.

  • Consultation with founders of the NGO's providing training/ coaching developing opportunitites for innovative practice and future projects.

Mumbai 2018  - Happy Feet Home Staff present Ash with a thank you memory boad and welcomed her to the team. 

MOST 2018: Donations from India and the UK we're used to buy computers, in memory of Kavya.

Mumbai 2018: Ash with celebrity Nindy Kaur, Manj, and Anoop. 2RaysHope is grateful for your ongoing support.

Mumbai 2018: HFH children preparing gratitude cards for the Chrismas tree, too thank and make a wish for someone who has inspired them.

Ultimately, the dream for 2RaysHope would be to collaborate with more government schools and NGOs in India.  We hope to deliver workshops and rally for funding to open a school in an underprivileged rural area in India.  The school will provide free schooling for those who cannot afford education.




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